I have been a book junkie since I first sounded out Dick and Jane¬†but have so far resisted the siren song of the e-reader–despite all the cool things I’ve heard about them. I’m no luddite, I just like the way a book feels in my hands when I read and have been reluctant to replace that with a sleek tablet.

But¬†I’ve come across an old solution to make a new e-reader look and feel more like a beloved hardcover with Vintage Covers.

This shop has found such a cool way to repurpose old books, magazines and even comics and turn them into covers for e-tablets and iPads.¬†I love the juxtaposition of the old, well-loved covers against the shiny techiness of the e-reader. I’d especially enjoy the double takes I’d get when I hold up The Case of the Missing Message (shown above)¬†or some other super-old school title in the doctor’s office or the train station. With velcro straps to hold the e-reader to the cover, I may even pretend to “flip” pages to maintain the illusion.

B.C. artist Randy Belyk uses traditional bookbinding methods to make his covers and I especially like his work with comic books.¬†I’d even consider raiding our stack of childhood books to use for a custom-made cover. Just don’t tell my kids.¬†-Christina

Check out the many styles of e-reader book covers as well as covers for the iPad on Vintage Covers. Don’t see the perfect cover? A custom cover can be made from your own supplied book.

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