If you like the idea of a techy Valentine’s day, we’ve been coming across lots of cute red and pink gadgets that will hopefully last a little longer than a box of Teuscher truffles. Not that I don’t also want Teuscher truffles.

This old fashioned 35mm pink camera spotted at Poketo is super swell looking, sure–but it gets better.

It’s actually a Slim Angel wide-angle lens film camera meaning all your shots will have that cool perspective. And the camera naturally makes the color super saturated and creates that cool black gradated border.

wide angle lens shots

The Slim Angel is also very lightweight, and the rubberized exterior makes it durable enough for a butterfingered Tween. What a neat gift for the junior shutterbug who’s stolen your heart. Or heck, for you. –Liz

Find the Slim Angel wide-angle lens camera online at Poketo

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