Buying Valentine’s gifts for women is kind of a no-brainer. Romantic and feminine are a natural match. But it’s pretty tough to find a definitively masculine Valentine’s gift that’s still got that “awwww…” factor.

So I’m totally swooning over these power icon cufflinks from Uncommon Goods. They’d make any sigOth feel like a big shot no matter what he does by day, and they’re a subtle reminder that you totally dig him.

Maybe he doesn’t usually wear French cuff shirts, but I bet he’d buy one and wear it with these cufflinks if you promised to take it off him. Plus I love that only cool, geeky people will get how awesome these cufflinks really are. Great way to figure out who’s worth chatting up at the next cocktail party. -Julie

Pick up a set of these power icon cufflinks for your geeky Valentine at Uncommon Goods

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