When it comes to cellphones for teenagers, we figured that the best phones would be ones with a qwerty keyboard, music player and a camera. With that in mind, at the top of our list are the LG Ally (above) or the LG Cosmos. Each has a slide out keyboard, a decent camera, and they can download MP3’s from the Amazon music store. We know the reviews are mixed, but our resident technologist Beth’s son has a version of this phone and he loves it. Phone availability will depend on your location, but this should give you a good start.

We’re definitely fans of the pay as you go and prepaid phones. The plans are much cheaper and if they’re paying for their own plan and they don’t pay, they’ll be cut off, as opposed to a “real” phone which means you’ll just be getting a slew of huge overdue bills. Best Buy has a wide selection of pay as you go and prepaid phones, so you can easily head to a local store and check them out before making a decision.

And while we know you said no-internet for now, keep in mind that a Verizon iPhone can be a good phone for teens to grow into–or maybe get one for you and it later becomes a hand-me-down when they’re a little older? You can still download music via iTunes with the cable sync to your computer, although it is pretty pricey when you add in the plan. Maybe if they’re realllly good. –Kristen

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