We love this Dads Dig This pick from Jim Lin, father of two and author of The Busy Dad Blog.

When it comes to gadgets related to my life as a dad, don’t give me the latest and greatest. I want the hardest to break and the easiest to replace. Because while there’s a time and place for the latest iSensationYouHave ToWait3DaysInLineFor, the “Ability to be wielded by an 8 year old” attribute can change your POV fast.

This is why walkie talkies aren’t just for foremen anymore.

We actually got our Uniden Eco Terra 2-way radios by accident and for months, they sat in my utility closet, until one day I decided to teach my 8-year-old son the basic CB lingo and take him to the park to try it out. In the past, I’d try to stay within visual or vocal range of where my son was playing, since the park near our house is immense. But now with my son radio enabled, all I had to do was plop myself down on the grass, read a magazine, and check in with “PapaBear to Fury415, what’s your 20? Over. every few minutes.

Uniden walkie talkies are the most underrated parenting tool ever. Aside from making you sound cool with your fancy radio lingo, walkie talkies are more expendable and durable than cellphones. Our Uniden walkie talkies have fallen off moving bicycles, been dropped in the mud, stepped on, and have even withstood dribbling ice cream.

If you have little kids, you can use them around the house, while the 12 mile range is ideal for older kids who might have a little more freedom when you’re out and about, or even playing at a friend’s house or around the neighborhood. Since they drain batteries fast, even when they’re off, invest in rechargeables, and then enjoy being able to stay connected without having to actually be right there. –Jim

You can purchase the Uniden two-way radios at our affiliate Amazon.com

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