I have a confession to make. While I was checking out the Faces iMake App for iPhone and iPad, supposedly designed for kids, I got absolutely hooked. The create-a-collage premise of the app is simple enough for a four year-old, and even a forty(something), to jump into quickly and is completely engaging.

There are a bunch of different templates to get you started. Just choose a face shape, a background color, and start inventing hilarious portraits using a wide selection of everyday objects like food, toys, candy and items you find around your house. You can enlarge and rotate your objects to build a face only a mother could love. Then, you can email it, tweet it, Facebook it–you get the idea.

The app incorporates the artistry of children’s book author and illustrator Hanoch Piven, whose work you might also recognize from the pages of Time and Rolling Stone magazine. The free lite version has limited choices [edited to add: it’s no longer free; lite is $.99], so I would definitely spring for the $1.99 premium version. It’ll keep you, I mean your kids, engaged for far longer. -Betsy

Download the Faces iMake App for iPhone and iPad at the iTunes App Store.

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