Moms have the uncanny ability to multitask like nobody’s business. Unlike certain people of the opposite sex (my husband who shall remain nameless), I can be on hold with the doctor’s office, respond to an email with one hand, and per my daughter’s request, draw an alligator with a monkey on its back with the other.

As proud as I am of my abilities, there are times when multitasking to the extreme simply isn’t safe – namely in the car. I’ve realized that there must be a safer way. There is.

I recently discovered the Jawbone ERA Bluetooth-enabled earpiece and it’s just magical. Freeing your hands from having to hold the phone is as liberating as the joy you felt the first time you could put your baby in an Exersaucer for 30 minutes. The sound quality is superb, unlike scratchy inaudible earpieces of yore, and it automatically adjusts the volume based on what it detects in the background, e.g. if your kid is tantrumming and screaming to the high heavens.

The earpiece itself is sleek and discreet and when someone calls, the Caller ID kicks in and you feel very Mission Impossible as it announces quietly in your ear who’s on the other end. You can even program it to send texts and emails for you. With the simple tap that’s required to answer a call, both hands are freed up to let you multitask like never before. -Jeana

The Jawbone ERA is priced at $129.99 and can be purchased directly from the company’s website, or from online retailers like Best Buy or

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