I’m up way past my bedtime as I write this because I think the internet has finally produced the perfect marriage of art and tech and I can’t stop ogling.

Big surprise–it’s from Google.

The new Google Art Project uses Google’s groundbreaking street view technology to take visitors inside 17 different major art museums around the world.

From Madrid to New York to the Uffizi in Florence, viewers can enjoy 360 degree views of galleries, including famous works of art and close-up images of the artist’s brushwork, and even create their own personalized collection to share on the web. I can now show my kid just how surreal Van Gogh’s work was, up close and personal.

My favorite feature, though, is the handy >>i information button by each piece that provides the stats and history of the artwork and artist. It’s like a visual baseball card, but for famous art! And you don’t have to Google anything, because you’re already on Google.

Right now, I’m ogling Sandro Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, but without the hangover and annoyingly yappy tour guide I remember from my first visit. Grazie, Google. Grazie.Delilah

Check out the Google Art Project. And please encourage them to allow a search by artist or piece, because I still haven’t found any dancers by Degas and I promised my tiny impressionist that I would show her a ballerina.

[thanks, mike!]

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