Like so many other families, maybe even yours, I use a web 2.0 time management strategy and put my family calendars and documents online. Forget printing; how great would it be to have a kitchen or family room desktop for displaying our shared calendar, checking out photos, watching videos, playing games together, reading recipe sites…you know. Everything.

HP now has a touch-enabled desktop with a handy swivel that’s just perfectly suited to be your family computer.

The engineers clearly kept ergonomics in mind with the new 23-inch HP TouchSmart 610. It not only swivels side to side, it reclines up to 60 degrees and tilts forward five degrees (for little kids perhaps?). All the while, keeping the image on the LED backlit screen sharp.

HP TouchSmart 610

It does take a few tries to get used to the swivel, which is initiated from the top of the screen, but soon it’s easy enough to use. I also appreciate that it’s sturdy enough so it won’t randomly change position as you’re poking at the screen. And the HP Touchsmart carousel interface makes it easy to get your fingerprints on those touch apps it comes with, like Hulu, Netflix, Rhapsody, and of course, Twitter.

Video chat via the built-in webcam also gets new life with the TouchSmart 610, especially with the lazy susan base. Bigger families can take turns saying hi to Grandma and Grandpa with just a swivel. Or pop in a Blu-ray disc and optimize the viewing angle.

While I could simply use my laptop or or a tablet for my own personal use, having a dedicated big screen like this one in our kitchen for everyone is a fantasy for sure.  –Beth

The HP TouchSmart 610 is available starting today, at $899 and up.

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