Just because I’m carrying around a mass-marketed cellphone doesn’t mean I necessarily have to cover it in a factory made plastic case. Actually, that’s more of a reason to search for cool, eco-friendly covers, like the gorgeous iWooly (ha, get it?).

I just love the philosophy behind the eco-minded iWooly iPhone covers by The Good Flock that are handmade by artisans from sustainable materials right here in the USA. These beautiful, rustic covers (so Sundance!) are crafted from wool and vegetable dyed leather, and are actually biodegradable. So, when you’re done with your cover, you could bury it in your backyard instead of stuff it in the back of your drawer.Their site highlights the path that the plastic case takes to get onto your phone as opposed to their handcrafted cover, and it’s pretty eye opening. It makes me so glad to support businesses like this who care as much about how their product is made, as much as what it looks like in the end. -Kristen

Purchase the iWooly iPhone covers as well as laptop sleeves at The Good Flock.

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