Even though I am immersed in the technology industry, it is hard to keep up with the sheer volume of tech-related gadgets, apps and websites that are worth taking a look at. Unless you’re sure that the source of information is hip, stylish and in-the-know (kind of like us at Cool Mom Tech, ahem) it’s hard to wade through all the recommendations you find in the far reaches of the Internet, and know which ones are legit.

I just came across a terrific new site called Digitwirl that can definitely be added to the must-heed-advice folder in your bookmarks. This is a free weekly web show featuring good advice from a woman’s perspective on gadgets, useful websites, apps, or essentially anything techie that will help you out in your daily life. In fact you know it’s good, because their content manager is our own Betsy Cadel.

Each show is hosted by Carley Knobloch, another fabulous mom who describes the products in an entertaining way, and also makes you want to meet her for lunch and gossip at the same time. New episodes launch every Monday, and they keep each one down to about three minutes–a clear indication that this is designed for people who are strapped for time but appreciative of good tips. That is, moms like us. -Jeana

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