I have so many photos of my kids in so many places. My laptop, my desktop, my back-up hard drive, my phone, in the cloud…well, you get the gist. They usually just sit in their respective places and take up storage space, but every once in a blue moon, I dedicate some effort to filtering through the various photo  collections, uploading months’ worth into my photo printing site and then making prints to put into an album. (I’m old school like that).

I recently came across a site that gives my existing strategy of photo storage and display a big jolt.

Kizoa is a photo management platform that lets you not only store photos, but also edit, share, add effects, and even create slideshows. Because just
one photo of your kids is never enough, as we all know.

The slideshow option is nice because you can compile all those photos from the holidays, add design elements, music, text, and flash-based effects to create a snazzy compilation to send to friends, family and share on Facebook.

I have to warn you that the effects are pretty cheesy, unless you like floating hearts and cartoon bubbles all over your beautiful photos. Skip that option and stick with the other great functions, like being able to pull photos together into a slideshow, and adding fade-in transitions and text.

I like having an online platform to store all my photos, so even though I’m adding yet another storage facility for my
photos, at least I can get a little more creative with them now. Plus, the site is completely free and gives you a good excuse to revisit those old memories. -Jeana

Manage and edit your family photos through Kizoa

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