I am so reliant on my iPhone for snapshots lately, that I’m becoming slowly addicted to all the great photo filter apps out there that make up for the quality of the photos. No doubt that’s partly why Hipstamatic and now Instagram are so popular–not because we’re great photographers, but because really, we’re kind of meh.

Browsing through the Apple app store the other day, I discovered the staff recommended Photo Copier which offers about the most comprehensive filter options I’ve seen. And art fans in particular are going to love it.

This really fun app for iPad and iPhone creates dozens of filters all inspired by famous art, photography, even movies. So you can have your favorite child’s snap looking like the Mona Lisa, your family portrait filtered like Space Odyssey, and your baby sapling in the backyard presented as if it were shot by Ansel Adams.

Essentially each one is given different data in terms of texture, color, fade, contrast, and so on. I’d suggest eliminating the texture if you’re keen on Botticelli but don’t like that cracked oil painting look over your family’s faces. (It looks a little lizard-like).

Photo Copier - photo filters for iPhone

While there are some mixed reviews at the app store, I haven’t experienced any problems at all. It’s just a fun little app for making photos look nifty and really, the only way I’ll get close to scoring a Picasso for under two bucks. –Liz

Find Photo Copier for iPhone and iPad at the app store for $1.99

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