Remember the days when you could talk on the phone and actually hold the cradle between your ear and shoulder so you could have your hands free? Well, it seems, everything old is new again.

The POP Phone is a fun smart phone accessory for avoiding that dreaded neck/shoulder iPhone strain, and takes you back to a more retro phone experience. It’s simply a handset that you can attach to most mobile devices, PCs and tablets for more comfortable chatting. It’s plug and play–just use right out of the box.

In addition to looking very hip when pulling out your brightly colored handset, an added benefit is that, as with a bluetooth device, you eliminate more than 99 percent of the radiation that’s emitted from your phone. Less radiation, less neck strain and more retro hip chic-ness? I’ll take two. -Jeana

The POP Phone handset is available from our affiliate Amazon for $25-30 depending on color

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