With family and friends far away and grandparents begging us to share photos, videos, and as much of our kids’ daily goings on as we can, I’m always on the hunt for whatever beats forwarding media from my phone. I’d been hearing about about Posterous for a while now as a blog alternative–a simple, smart and free way to share information–but had yet to be introduced to their new groups feature.

Well now that Posterous is a Cool Mom Tech sponsor (whoo!), it was an awesome opportunity for me to create a Posterous group of my very own, and test out all its cool features to discover the great ways it can make a parent’s life easier.

Which, really, is exactly what it does.

With a simple sign that takes just a few seconds, you’ll have access to a super smart platform that allows you to safely send and share photos, videos, and more with your friends and family.

Unlike other services out there, Posterous groups is a completely free service, though functions like something you’d probably be more than happy to pay for. All your media uploads are sent within the body of an email, not as an attachment, and are formatted for optimum viewing experience. That means that not only will Grandmom not be calling you four times to figure out how to open those photos, but she won’t be getting wonky, compressed pictures and video that look far different than what you originally uploaded.

Aside from the default privacy setting which helps to ensure safe sharing, Posterous makes it so easy to add members to your group. If they’ve got an email address, then all you need to add them to your list. That’s right–they don’t even have to go to the site to sign up, or ever log in anywhere other than their own email address to see the updates. So great!

So whether you’re trying to stay connected with family, streamline your parents group communication, or coordinate your kids’ school organization, we think Posterous is such a smart choice for parents. And one that will make life easier. Something we all can certainly appreciate.

Congratulations to Kelly C. for winning the $500 gift card from Posterous!


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