One of the hot trends in custom jewelry has been engraving or etching a message in a less obvious way. Like with braille letters, or Japanese characters. So it was only a matter of time before someone brilliant discovered how to put QR codes on jewelry.

I’m not totally surprised that someone turned out to be longtime Cool Mom Picks favorite, the always innovative Vivian Cheng of Blend Creations.

The QR Code Cufflinks are such a super cool, 2011-y way to say I love you. Or You are cooler than my iPad. Or Meet me upstairs, clothing optional. See, no one else will know what that laser-etched QR barcode means unless they stick their iPhones over your honey’s wrist and snap. I love it!

Choose one of 3 standard messages (including I love you) or create your own under 31 characters to keep it readable. You’ll need to order today and upgrade to express ship if you want to make Valentine’s Day. Otherwise just bookmark the page and save it for your upcoming anniversary, Father’s Day, or a I love my hot sexy geek sweetheart gift for any old time.

One more thought: hang tight and save it for yourself–pendants are coming out soon. Oooohhhh. –Liz

Find the The QR Code Cufflinks at Blend Creations and use code CoolMomTech for 15% off anything in the store (excluding the Metals for Monsters Pendants and Sweet Surprises)

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