The language of geek love? It ain’t French, that’s for sure. And no one has ever accused Klingon of sounding sappy.

No, dear friends, the language of geek love is Galactic Basic, and it makes for a stunning Valentine.

Even if you’re not the world’s biggest Star Wars enthusiast, chances are that you swoon whenever Leia’s “I love you,” is met with Han Solo’s, “I know.” That roguish charm speaks to a man who’s cocky and confident in his love, a man who shoots first and looks great in a vest. Whether you married a Han or a Luke, this Star Wars Valentine’s card speaks to a love that is sure, deep, and has a great sense of humor, even on an ice planet like Hoth.

“I love you” is printed on the front in the Galactic Basic language, also known as Aurebesh, and “I know” is on the inside. And don’t worry–Galactic Basic sounds a lot like English but with slightly different idioms, so it’s not like you’re saying anything dirty. You’d need a card in Huttese for that. –Delilah

Check out the I love you, I know card and other geeky paper goods at The Wallaroo on Etsy.

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