A few weeks ago we brought you the joyous news that the iPhone 4 was finally (finally!) coming to Verizon. Today, we bring you the not-so-joyous news that Verizon’s going to make its customers pull an all-nighter in order to get their mitts on one.

Here’s the scoop: If you’re an existing Verizon customer, you can snag one of the limited number of iPhones that they’ve held for you in appreciation of your loyalty. Isn’t that awesome of them? Then you realize–they’ll start taking orders online tonight at 3 AM ET. Or is that tomorrow?

We think that’s pretty [expletive deleted] rotten.

For west coast Verizon customers, it isn’t such a hardship to stay up until midnight. I’m on Mountain Time, and I’m in — I’ve been waiting this long for an iPhone; I can wait until 1am. But I feel for my Central Time and east coast friends who will either have to mainline coffee, set their alarms, or hope the baby wakes up for a perfectly-timed feeding.

Are you as iPhone-crazed as I am? Or will you get a good night’s sleep and see what’s available in the morning? -Julie

Go to the Verizon Wireless iPhone page at 3am ET to reserve your own bundle of iPhone 4 joy from Verizon

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