If you’ve been holding out for an iPhone, mamas, your patience is about to be rewarded because the iPhone 3GS is now on sale for $49. That might just be the deal of the century!

Perhaps in response to the Verizon iPhone (and of course, the fact that the iPhone 5G will be along soon), Apple has started running ads for this awesome deal that many folks might not have known about. It’s a massive savings and a great option if you don’t think you can rationalize the price for the iPhone 4. And don’t worry, you’ll still get all the cool features of the iOS 4–if not some of the newer apps that are being developed for 4 only.

Of course, you’ve still got to pay for the monthly service and data plan, but if you were ready to make the switch anyway, you probably already knew that. So what are you waiting for? -Kristen

You can purchase the iPhone 3GS for $49 at the Apple Store or check at your local AT&T provider. And once you snatch one up, make sure you come back here – we’ve got plenty of cool iPhone apps and pretty iPhone accessories just for you. 

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