I’ve finally got my new Verizon iPhone in my hot little hands, and let me tell you, it’s everything I dreamed it would be. That would sound cheesy if I were talking about some romantic comedy, but it’s perfectly acceptable since I’m talking about a gorgeous piece of technology that is changing my life.

Whether you’re considering an iPhone now that they’ve come to Verizon–or because AT&T is practically giving the 3GS away–I’ve got three quick reasons that might sway you toward taking the plunge.

1. Getting outta here
I used to be glued to my laptop, and when I had to be away from it, I would get all twitchy, wondering if I’d gotten a response to that urgent email. Now with a smartphone, I can handle email anywhere I’ve got a signal or Wi-Fi including swim meets, soccer games, school field trips, and all those other outings where I once felt disconnected.

2. Getting it together
Besides being a technophile, I’m also an organization freak and perpetually in training for my next triathlon. So I’m totally loving two App Store sections in particular: Productivity and Healthcare/Fitness. I’ve already grown attached to Intuition, a free, organization app that appeals to my list-making nature, and Electric Miles (also free) which syncs with Daily Mile, the site where I track my workouts. Now I don’t have to scrawl my mileage and time on an old receipt or commit it to memory until I can get back to my laptop and post an entry.

3. Getting my game on
What can I say, my iPhone is a lot of fun. I play Angry Birds, I read books using the Kindle app for iPhone, I watch movies via Netflix, I play with photo filters on Instagram, and I get a kick out of watching my kids screech at Talking Tom–for the first few minutes, anyway). My iPhone works hard and plays hard too.

I waited four years and stayed up all night for my Verizon iPhone. Was it worth it? Oh yes. Yesssssss. -Julie

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