Here are some things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you will too.

We love this Valentine’s day gift idea from Parent Hacks: making a Valentines Day soundtrack from your MP3s.

Photographer Jason Lee turns his kids into angry birds. Awesome! (via Gwen Bell, laughing squid)

Ken and Barbie discover Twitter. And uh, Foursquare evidently.

Inspired by an 8-year-old who racked up $1400 in Smurf’s Village charges, Parents protest in-app purchases in mobile games.

Everyone’s buzzing about the AOL-Huffington Post merger, and we like this take at Salon from Scott Rosenberg.

From the rumor mill: Is an iPad mini in the works? (And uh, isn’t it called in iPhone?)

Did you see the one about the parents who sold their kids’ toys on eBay to punish them?

A budget-friendly DIY Mario mural for your kid’s room.

Rolling Stone reports that the Guitar Hero franchise is officially dead. Noooooo…

[cross stitch photo]

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