Nothing says I love you like, “here’s a new upgraded router honey!”

Ah, I kid. In truth, there are plenty of tech-centric gifts that might suit your love on Valentine’s Day. Still, I’m a fan of the pretty and romantic, not the practical and the functional. Unless you’re talking these gloves which are a little of both.

The I-Heart Fingerless Gloves are a lovely option for a text-happy sweetheart. They’re hand-knit of baby alpaca meaning they’re warm and cozy. The white heart on red–or red heart on white–means they’re sweet and romantic. And yet? The fact that you can whip out your smart phone at any given outdoor moment and start tapping away means they’re smart and practical.

One more thing: They’re made ethically by a talented collective of rural Peruvian women artists, meaning they’re thoughtful and benevolent too. –Liz

Find the  I-Heart Fingerless Gloves at Object Mythology.

[via milkshake]

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