Here are a few things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you will too.

We’re already walking all over LEGOs anyway. Why not LEGO Stilettos?

Looove this tip at ParentHacks for how to use Amazon to help navigate the library with your kids.

Want to save on expensive batteries? Turns out all batteries are the same. Except one.

Learn how to go green with old tech products.

Mom With Apps discusses iPads, Autism and learning in 3D.

A good post (if a little scary) from Women on the Fence about video chat and teens

We love columnist Lisa Belkin, and we love her take on the New York Times digital subscriptions.

Must read for teenagers and their parents: Gizmodo’s practical guide to cell phone etiquette.

Also…set the DVRs for Monday at 8AM.  Our editor-in-chief Liz will be on The Early Show on CBS talking about new research from Babycenter about moms and how much we love our mobile devices! (Not that you didn’t already know that.)

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