Here are some things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you will too.

Lady Gaga meets Chrome. We’re loving this video!

Our Editor-in-Chief Liz Gumbinner takes to the couch in the new iVillage web series, The Conversation Thread.  Watch it–it’s fun!

Kudos to Babycenter and MAMA  who are collaborating with an app to help moms in need around the world.

You Oprah fans will appreciate this Laptop Mag roundup of Oprah’s top tech giveaways through the years.

Want to kill a few fun minutes? Check out the augmented reality games on the brand new Lantern Worthy website, a cool partnership between the Green Lantern movie and the Got Milk folks.

Can a California law keep children safer online?

Crave reveals 6 ways to improve iPhone battery life.

On Geek Sugar, cool effects to add to digital photos.

Who’s the best cell phone carrier? Find out with the winners of the PC Mag Readers Choice awards.

If you’re living in a storm zone, we like this post on how to enable severe weather warnings on your smartphone. Be safe!

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