Here are some things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you will too.

Crafting meets retro gamer chic in this great post on DIY projects for the 8 bit gamer. Fab!

Is liking commercial culture’s substitute for loving? This New York Times piece by Jonathan Franzen is a terrific read.

Chewbacca fans will appreciate this mashup of Stars Wars edited with only Chewbacca scenes. [h/t rael]

Sharing Netflix passwords is now a crime in one state. Are you guilty?

The DUMBO neighborhood in Brooklyn becomes the first in NYC to offer free Wi-Fi.

A seriously smart photographer’s guide to photobooth cameras from one of our favorite design bloggers.

Tech gifts for grads–Lots of good ideas at Techlicious.

What does Geek Dad want for Father’s Day? Especially considering he has everything.

Attention bloggers: Smart tips for building your blog then monetizing later. (We agree!)

The best solution to the cell phone radiation issue comes from Stephen Colbert. Of course.

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