Here are some cool links we’ve enjoyed reading from around the web this week. We hope you like them too!

Our publisher Kristen was a guest on the SchreckTeck show, giving all sorts of Back to School Tech advice for moms.

Big news for you Android fans: Google has acquired Motorola Mobility. See what that means for you.

Citi just launched a new app that allows Thank You members with iPhones or Androids to redeem their points at Best Buy!

Congrats to BlogHer HTC Innovator Award winner and cool mom Cynthia Liu and her groundbreaking website K12 News Network that features our nation’s education laws in a searchable, commentable format.

Apparently our readers (you!) like being able to text for free. And not wait on hold. These two apps we featured this week were ridiculously popular.

We love that Google Maps added weather reporting!

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