Here are a few links we’ve been enjoying this week. We hope you like them too.

Does IKEA’s redesign of their classic bookshelf foreshadow the demise of books?

If you’re addicted to Angry Birds, you’ll love this hilarious infographic.

University students are teaching how solar power really is a viable resource as part of the Solar Decathlon. So cool.

Did you see the celeb mom of three who gave us not one, but two of her favorite apps this week?

Kudos to EA Sports for listening to the request of a 14 year old girl who wanted female avatars in their NHL 12 game. Yes, girls do, in fact, play hockey.

Love how is teaming up with NBC News’ Education Nation to allow everyone (yes, even you) to weigh in about our nation’s education system with short videos. Got one to share?

We got a hearty chuckle out of this Silicon Valley versus Kindergarten chart on

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