Here are a few links around the web that we’ve enjoyed this week. We hope you like them too!

Ever wonder how dangerous one hour of television is? You might be shocked by the results.

Over at Geek Mom, an astrophysicist streamlined plane boarding. May the airlines adopt this soon!

This week, Flickr introduced Geofences, a new feature to help you manage your geotagged photos. Smart.

What a lovely post about what one mom learned about parenting from Steve Jobs of all people.

Do you suck at Twitter? This post at 5 Minutes for Mom had us laughing.

We love that AT&T launched “Drive Mode,” which sends an auto-respond to texts to let people know you’re driving.

Don’t miss this fabulous back to school app sale from Ruckus Media! Love their stuff.

Wish you could pay your babysitter with a credit card? Well, now you can!

And have you seen our Back to School tech guide? From cool gadgets to educational apps and more, we’ve got you covered!

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