Here are a few links that we’ve enjoyed around the web this week. We hope you like them too.

High-tech goes low tech with this hilarious kids’ chalkboard toy. (via Swiss Miss).

Nissan Versa is teaming up with Google Maps to host one cool contest. All you have to do is create the road trip of your dreams on their site and they’ll whip it into an awesome mini movie. Lucky winners will have their virtual road trip become a reality!

We’re big fans of Dell’s new America’s Favorite Small Business campaign. One of the 10 lucky small-biz finalists will win an amazing prize. Go vote!

Are the next great American consumers babies? Fascinating article, and not just because we’re quoted.

Blockbuster added a new streaming service for Dish subscribers. Will it pull you away from Netflix?

If you need a tablet or a laptop sleeve, why not make one yourself? It’s easier than you think.

Atlanta Moms: Don’t miss our Publisher Kristen Chase talking tech on Star 94.1 with Cindy and Ray in the mornings. You can hear her suggestions for 3 tools for keeping driving safe and catch her Monday giving her thoughts on the new Facebook updates.

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