Here are a few links we’ve enjoyed from around the web. We hope you like them too! 

Any guesses to which site has the biggest photo library? The infographic (left) should make it pretty obvious. (via Gizmodo)

We love that Top Chef Marcus Samuelsson has teamed up with Birds Eye to
help kids eat better. For every virtual plate you create, Birds Eye will donate vegetables for 10 meals from Share Our Strength.

In honor of their 42nd season, Sesame Street launched this hilarious YouTube video. We think the song might be catchier than the one it’s spoofing. Sorry Justin.

How digital are you? We got a kick out of this McSweeney’s piece.

Do your kids love those Hexbugs as much as ours? Here’s a DIY hexbug tutorial using a toothbrush. Seriously.

Facebook and Time Warner are teaming up to help stop bullying with this social pledge app. Here’s hoping it makes a difference.

And finally, a release date for the iPhone 5. We think. Are you as excited as we are?

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