Here are a few links we’ve enjoyed reading this week. We hope that you like them too.

Are you addicted to social networks? GeekSugar has five signs and a few tips to break the habit.

This soon-to-be-dad documented the facial reactions of friends and family when he told them through a series of awesome photographs. So cool!

Catch a fascinating conversation about the opportunities and challenges of digital use by teens
hosted by the FCC.

Did you hear that Google bought Zagat? Watch out Yelp!

Here’s an interesting discussion about why some people don’t respond to texts. Are you guilty?

The Facebook 9/11 Memorial application lets you dedicate your status update to victims.

This guy proposed to his girlfriend using StumbleUpon. Who said tech wasn’t romantic?

And did you catch our Back to School tech guide? You’ll find over 30 apps plus helpful websites and smart gadgets too.

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