When I hear about a new top app from Disney that’s “fun for the whole family ” I have to say my initial reaction is skepticism. My last encounter with a Disney iPhone game was some flying fairies game with music that drove me crazy. But the all new Where’s My Water? More like this, please.

Where’s My Water? takes a page from Cut the Rope for sure, combining a cute character, simple physics-based puzzles, and increasing difficulty. And yet it’s done so very well.

The main character here is an alligator named Swampy (ready-made for a feature length spin-off, plush licensees, and some Happy Meal toys, no doubt) who lives under the sewers and wants to take a shower. You need to get the water shooting out of one pipe into his bathroom. But lo! There are obstacles!

Need a hint? Read the title of each level before you play it. You’re welcome.

My morning subway commute has gotten inordinately more fun over the last week, thanks in part to Swampy and the super speed of my new 4Gs (whoo!). For $.99, download this one stat. Disney is right when they say fun for the whole family. Once again. –Liz

Download Where’s My Water? for $.99 on the app store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, or find either version of Where’s My Water? for Android from Google Play

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