Here are a few cool links we’ve enjoyed this week. We hope you like them too!

Need to keep the kids occupied between Halloween parties this weekend? Here are 3 cool, ghoulish Halloween apps our own kids love.

If you’re a teacher or know one, you (or they) will appreciate this cool Tech Playbook for Teachers from Dell. Handy! (via Shelly Kramer).

We always knew excessive quotation mark use was rampant but this hilarious blog confirms it. “Ha.”

Looks like the CD will be gone for good by the end of 2012. Whoa.

Fascinating research results at SodaHead about when kids should receive a cellphone, smart phone, or tablet.

Now these are some hardcore Halloween decorations, though we’re glad we’re not their neighbors.

So what gadgets have you bought that you don’t actually use? Unplggd wants you to fess up.

Here’s a thoughtful post from our contributor Molly about something we all struggle with — raising old fashioned kids in a 21st Century world. How do you find balance?

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