Here are some links we’ve enjoyed reading this week. We hope you like them too!

Get ready for LEGO to hit the big screen in 2014–in 3D, of course.

Liz picks out five fabulous tech gifts for moms just in time for some holiday shopping.

Will the future of education be found in a virtual classroom?

Retro alert! Make your own View-Master reels.

“What is the purpose of a sofa?” The sometimes frustrating, always exacting, Steve Jobs.

Germaphobes beware: Your Consumer Electronics are Filthy will have you running for disinfectant.

Many congratulations to parenting website Babble which is now part of the Disney family!

Santa, please bring me an iPad: What kids and teens really want for Christmas.

Love seeing all the new green cars at the LA Auto Show.

If you’re a Kindle Fire owner (or soon to be one) this three-month free trial of some of our favorite magazines will make you happy.


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