Apple Gift Catalog 1983
Here are some links we’ve enjoyed reading this week. We hope you like them too!

Apple fans will get a kick out of this blast
from the past.
1983 to be exact. {via @patricktoneil,

If your spouse is participating in Movember, he can snag a free iPhone case from Incipio. And if you have no idea what Movember is, watch this video by a cool dad who explains it. (Thanks for the tip, @lelandcd.)

Love these relationship-saving tech tips on Unplggd. If only there was an app to get dirty laundry into the basket.

Don’t read “A Sister’s Eulogy for Steve Jobs” without tissues nearby. Wow.

Are we running out of wireless? It’s definitely something for our plugged in generation to think about.

The Nook tablet is coming November 16 giving the Kindle Fire some competition.

We’re still giggling about these 16 strangest things Siri has said so far.

Speaking of Siri, she (it?) is just one of the ten reasons we’ve got to justify an iPhone 4S upgrade. You know, in case you needed some.

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