Here are a few links we’ve enjoyed reading this week. We hope you like them too!

Apparently we’re not the only ones who love the free Christmas Gift Toca Boca app.

Loving these punk rock Santa hair designs over at 8BitDad (pictured).

Here’s an awesome round-up of cool British TV shows on Hulu. Yet another why we love it. (via @stephenfry)

We’re digging this cool widget from HP that will let you download, customize, and even print some of their fun holiday items.

If a Kindle Fire or NOOK Tablet are on your holiday wish lists, we found some hot Fire cases (heh) and cool NOOK tablet covers ones too.

We’re not sure who will have more fun with this make your own My Little Pony generator–us, or our kids.

If you’re a Hipstamatic user, you will want to check out this awesome Hipstamatic guide that will help you find the best lens, film, and pak pairings.

Now here’s something you haven’t heard: 7 awesome Christmas songs all performed on mobile devices. Hello 2011.

And here are 4 cool gadgety holiday gifts. Add that to about 100 in our tech gift guide and you should be all set for next weekend. Psst…have you entered to win the iPad 2 we’re giving away?

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