Here are a few links we’ve enjoyed reading this week. We hope you like them too!

In Roomba Revenge, your beloved iRobot can fight those nasty dust bunnies. On your iPhone.

If you’re having trouble picking between a NOOK Tablet and a Kindle Fire, we’re here to help!

We love how Acer might just giveaway one fan’s entire wish list. Head over to the Acer holiday wish list page on Facebook to enter.

Kristen has you covered with the coolest holiday tech toys for little and big kids.

Smart tips for you crafty techies who might be making gadget covers or sleeves for holiday gifts.

Just when we finally got used to the sort of new Facebook, Twitter announces a huge redesign. Eep!

It’s true, it’s true! Instagram is finally developing an Android app!

Om nom stars in his very cute video. Do we smell an animated Cut the Rope series in the works?

And did you enter to win the iPad 2 that we’re giving away on our Holiday Gift Guide? While you’re there, check out the just under 100 cool tech gifts for the whole family.

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