CES: Women in tech
Here are a few links we’ve enjoyed reading this week. We hope you like them too!

The women of tech want more women in tech. And we couldn’t agree more. (via @lturrentine )

If you’re looking for Unplggd, they’re now all part of the Apartment Therapy website under Tech. Same cool stuff, just a different name!

Who do you think was on top in websites, social media, and web brands for 2011? Here’s the official list from Nielsen. See if you’re right.

Target and Apple team up to launch 25 Apple stores within the store. Yay! (via @techzader)

According to this poll, 46% of adults surveyed think tablets will replace laptops.

The Facebook campaign for a bald Barbie to help girls who have suffered a hair loss from cancer and other illnesses is gaining steam. What do you think?

Google is now including information from their Google+ network in their search engine results.

Yesterday, California became the first state to adopt energy efficiency standards for battery chargers.

Our chief technologist Beth Blecherman has been reporting back from CES and gave us the scoop on some cool gadgets she thinks should be on your radar.

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