Just because you have a geeky mom in your life doesn’t mean she doesn’t want something sweet and sentimental too. After all, as techy as we get, I’d imagine most of us are hoping for something a little more personal than “Happy Mother’s Day, here’s a circuit breaker.”

Here, just a few favorite picks that would make sweet sentimental Mother’s Day gifts, even for the techies among us.

The Less Than 3 necklace¬†was one we found for Valentine’s Day but we think any mom would love it around her neck. Especially if she know not to read it as “less than 3.”

Gift for a geek mom: iPhone docks from vintage books

Rich Neeley’s iPhone docks made from vintage novels are equally practical and sentimental. Jane Austin’s Sense and Sensibility is a guaranteed pleaser, but that vintage Alice in Wonderland with the hot pink cover is amazing.

Gifts for a geek mom: Handmade iPad sleeve with heart closure

A handmade iPad sleeve with a wooden heart button will make her think of you every time she pulls it out. Not to mention those 8 million photos of you on the desktop wallpaper.

Gifts for a geek mom: USB Locket

A locket is a classic Mother’s Day gift, but when it’s one of Emily Rothchild’s USB lockets¬†we’re bringing it into the 21st century. Besides, what other locket can hold literally hundreds of baby pictures?

Gifts for a geek mom: custom photo iPhone case

The custom iPhone cases from Case-Mate are still one of our all-time favorite mom gifts. This way, she can¬†carry the family with her wherever she goes. And not just in her heart. –Liz

For more fun tech gifts for moms, visit our 2012 Cool Mom Picks Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

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