Here are a few of our favorite links from this past week. We hope you enjoy them too!

Beastie Boys tribute video

Here’s a DIY tutorial on how to make a first generation iPad case fit a new iPad. Now that’s dedication.

If you love Pinterest, will you use Curalate
A brilliant tribute to MCA Adam Yauch. You’ve got to see this! {Editor’s note: It looks like since posting, they’ve made the video private.Here’s hoping it’s back up soon!}
As if we needed more reasons to waste time on Facebook, now they’re launching the Facebook App Center
If only Photoshop could solve real life problems. Hilarious! (via @GeekSugar)

Must-see infographic on the social media landscape. Wowza. And you thought keeping up with Pinterest and Facebook was a lot.

Watch some of your favorite ad people try to talk while getting jet caliber wind in their face. Completely random and ridiculously amusing. 
Helpful tips for monitoring your child on Facebook over at The Online Mom. 
Whether you’re a shutterbug or just a casual camera user, you won’t want to miss our Photography Pinterest board

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