Here’s a few tech links we’ve enjoyed reading this week. We hope you like them too! 

Moog synthesizer Google Doodle

If you thought the biggest tech story of the year was the Facebook IPO think again. Now this is how to catch a thief

It’s pretty amazing the cool music people composed using the Moog Google Doodle
Our Editor Kristen shared her own kids’ 3 favorite apps for your Memorial Day road trip
This rationale for switching your cell phone to military time makes a lot of sense. Why didn’t we do this sooner? 
Smart discussion on raising digital kids between our Editor Kristen Chase and Jen Singer from on the latest episode of The Kristen Chase Show. 
If you East Coasters missed the amazing solar eclipse last week, here’s a fantastic round-up of some of the coolest solar eclipse Instagram photos.  
Here’s hoping this cool educational game for kids created by a mom of 3 gets funded on Kickstarter. Can you help? 
Our own Chief Technologist Beth Blecherman shares why she thinks families should have both a laptop and a tablet over at Laptop Magazine. 
How tech savvy are today’s dads? We be you’ll find this infographic as fascinating as we did. 

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