Here are a few links we’ve enjoyed reading this week. We hope you enjoy them too!

designer qr code from louis vuitton

Here’s a great Pinterest board of designer QR codes. Above, from Louis Vuitton Japan.

The ethical debate over paying (or not paying) for music continues after an NPR intern’s increasingly infamous 11,000 songs article.

One more detail is confirmed about the new iPhone–and users are stressing about it.

If you like free apps, you’ll love this big news from Apple.

If you like Windows, you’ll love this big news from Microsoft

Hilarious Twitter responses to the idea that women aren’t funny. Ironically, a statement made by Adam Carolla, and not even in 1996. (Warning: NSFW)
This periodic table of social media is pretty awesome. 
Keep your eye out for the movie Small, Beautifully Moving Parts about a newly pregnant technophile’s journey to reconnect with her off-the-grid mother. Looks amazing. (via @smallmoving)

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