World's most expensive iPhone 5 case
Here are some posts we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you’ll like them too.

Got a spare $100,000? Here’s a stupid thing to buy with it. [via daily buzz tech]

What’s better than Words With Friends? Words With Friends against a celebrity to raise money for a charity. Edward Norton? Jonah Hill? Kristen Bell? Oh, the decisions!

Now you can register to vote right from the Tumblr Dashboard. So smart.

You won’t believe how many people are using Instagram now.

A robot that goes to school for a sick kid. Whoa.

Speaking of which, how many of these famous robots can you name?

Turns out Apple Maps? Not quite Apple Maps.

DIY: Look what you can make an audio speaker out of!

Cool tech campus smackdown! Apple vs Amazon.

The first toaster that makes us laugh.

NYC readers: You have to head to the Makerbot Pop-Up Store. Looks awesome!

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