Here are a few tech links we’ve enjoyed reading this week. We hope you like them too! 

Freddie Mercury tribute Google Doodle

This amazing Google Doodle is the Champion, my friend. 

Will Bruce Willis be able to leave his iTunes library to his kids? This brings up a fascinating discussion about music ownership. 

The iPhone 5 is coming and we’ve got the scoop on which date you should be marking on your calendar! 

Now that Amazon just teamed up with EPIX, being an Amazon Prime member is even more awesome if you like good movies for free. 

Looks like pigs will be flying in the upcoming Angry Birds spinoff. 

Did you catch President Obama on Reddit this past week? Here’s a transcript of his conversation with the world that broke the site. 

We’re not surprised that iPad is beating PC sales in schools for the first time ever. Are you? 

Calling all designers! You could win $10,000 in the Inhabitat Laptop Bag design competition. Awesome! 

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