With the number of passwords we now have to remember, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s had one of those moments when you’re trying to use your ATM/debit card and you keep entering the wrong PIN number. (What is that #$@% number?) There are just too many passwords to keep track of in my head these days, and before I experience being locked out of using my card from entering the incorrect PIN too many times, I’m going to get organized with the new Cozi Password Vault app.

From one of our favorite organizational apps, Cozi, the Cozi Password Vault is just that: a secure vault for storingĀ all those important passwords. You create your vault by entering a password (yes,Ā yet another!) for security purposes, and then you are free to input every and any website, credit card, frequent flier, bank password that you have floating around in your head–it’s unlimited. Or, if you want
to be extra secure, you can enter in your information and have the app automatically generate a super secure password with different characters, letters and symbols for each website or service. Of course, you’ll never ever be able to remember them, but that’s what the app is for.


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After using the Password Vault app to retrieve a password, you can lock the vault immediately or designate the amount of time you want to be able to access it without logging in again (though as someone big on online security, I’d lock the vault immediately after each use, if I were you). A simple click on any password from your list and the app automatically copies it for you so you can paste it in one click.The app also automatically backs up to iCloud so you have your password information synced across all Apple devices, in a highly secure and encrypted way.

Let the app remember the numbers for you and free up some space for the million other things floating around in your head.

Store your passwords with theĀ Cozi Password Vault app,Ā available for $1.99 from iTunes.

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