Here are a few links we’ve enjoyed reading this week. We hope you like them too!

New Apple iPad Mini is here

The iPad Mini is here! And lots more Apple surprises that we’re covering.

Yes, there is other tech news besides Apple – The scoop on Windows 8 and the Surface tablet.

Quick, take advantage of 10 GBs of FREE cloud storage if you hurry. (via CNET)

Commuters in NYC will soon get subway arrival ETAs right on their phones. Pretty awesome. Now, we just need Wi-Fi in all the stations.

Checking the weather takes new meaning when Fido accompanies the forecast

Forget about bake sales and try crowdsourced fundraising for your kids’ schools.

Why .gov links aren’t necessarily safe to click on. You definitely want to read this.

Need a moment of Zen disguised as a science lesson? Check out this very cool interactive US wind map.

How nice that one of our posts was included in a cool round-up of educational ways to use Skype.

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