Here are a few links we’ve enjoyed reading this week. We hope you like them too! 

Atari Cake | Pink Box Cakes
Despite appearances, you can’t play your cake and eat it too

Holiday shopping just got so much easier with these great gift list organization apps

And speaking of holiday shopping, don’t miss these Black Friday electronics deals

Wait! Before you hit ‘send,’ read this advice on sending sensitive information over the Internet

Which tech term was selected as Oxford’s American Dictionary’s Word of the Year? (Hint, it has three letters).

Into astronomy? Check out Google Chrome’s Star Map for intergalactic amazement. 

Facebook’s newest app might be some serious competition with LinkedIn. Time to update that resumé. 

Hey, BlackBerry users! Did you hear about the newest free upgrade to your phones? Sweet! 

Dear readers, please don’t put your cell phones in this place. Consider your purse instead. 

What a fun kit for using your smartphone with gloves on. We like staying warm. (via Swiss Miss)

This is a holiday gift guide where we’d like one of each. 
AT&T subscribers: Make sure you check out this awesome program before doing anything with your old phone. 

We love this holiday campaign that one of our favorite e-reading apps is running. Especially because it helps kids in need. 

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