I am all for those educational apps that really challenge our kids and that feature all sorts of bells and whistles. But sometimes it’s nice to have a simple coloring game in there to round out the selection. Coloring apps, however, are a dime a dozen, so finding quality pre-school selections with any degree of educational elements can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

(So say the writers who spend our days looking for those needles in haystacks for you all!)

Dress the bunny firefighter! | Firefighter Dress-Up app


We recently came across Firefighter Dress-Up app, a sweet little coloring app from educational developers Jumpseewow. This husband-and-wife design team focus their efforts here on games about firefighters and fire stations, but do it in a very soft and approachable way.

Plain and simple: dress up and color in these adorable little firefighters, won’t you?

The cutesy animal and child characters you dress up are designed in a sweetly innocent way, making it very accessible for preschoolers and little kids, both boys and girls. Kids will love snapping on all the pieces of the firefighter’s costume, from pants to gloves. Next, color in all the elements with the soft color choices and add in picture bubbles to liven up your characters. Your kids can snap pictures through the app to save their proud work.

Dress this girl! | Firefighter Dress-Up app

Not only is it fun, I think it’s pretty nice to play dress up with out a tiara for once. –Stephanie M.

Download Firefighter Dress-Up in the iTunes store for .99 and visit Jumpseewow for free printables, videos and more resources to educate kids about the world of firefighters.

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