When the new year hit, one of my resolutions was to get tech-organized, and in particular, to tame the jungle of cords and wires that was creeping behind my desk. I rounded up some of my favorite organization gadgets and gizmos, but recently found more great products from a company called Dotz that can help 2013 be my most organized yet. 

Dotz has a range of fun and colorful products to help you manage the wire jungle in your house including cord identifiers, cord shorteners and cord straps. My favorite are the colorful cord identifiers (top) that let you differentiate which is the printer cord and which is the router cord–a task I’ve found nearly impossible. 

The easily identifiable icons let you easily grab the cord you need without having to follow each one all the way back to its source. Hooray! And it’s also handy that it comes in a pack of five (for only $3.99) and includes preprinted icons for you to match your device to your identifier for everything including laptop, tablet, digital camera, phone, printer, scanner…you get the gist.

Dotz wire organizers

I’m also a fan of the Dotz line of cord wrap cases that allow you to wrap the cord around the spindle inside the case and then close. Out of sight, out of mind, right? These are perfect for yet another jumbled wire area in my house–our multi-device charging station. 

Whatever you need to get your wires organized, you’ll likely find at Dotz. And the fact that the products are cute and colorful is just an added bonus to finally taming those wires. –<Jeana

The Cord Identifiers come five to a pack for $3.99 and each Cord Wrap Case sells for $6.99. Dotz products can be purchased online at the Dotz Shop.

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