Off smart door handle
Whenever I’m driving away from the house, there’s that inevitable moment when I  suddenly wonder – Did I turn off the iron? Is the range off? Did I leave that space heater on?

With this incredible “smart” door handle, you may be able to know for sure. Seriously.

The “Off” door handle connects electrically to your house’s main power and gas supply, and acts like a small circuit board that can control anything in your house that you might worry about while away.

There are three settings: one for just electricity, one for just gas and one that powers everything down. 

Turn off the stove with your doorknob.
When you leave the house, just select your setting, depress the “lock” at the end of the handle and voila! No more running around and checking the bedroom, bathroom and basement for electric or gas offenders. Just as cool: when you get home and push the lever down to open the door, everything unlocks, and power and gas are again restored.

Sadly, this is still at concept stage–the designers Eun Ah Kim, Jinhyuk Rho and Maria Rho won the Red Dot Design Contest with their idea. Kudos to them for a doorknob that adds some value. Jeana 

No information is available yet on pricing and when/where the “Off” Door Handle will be available, but we’ll keep our eye out for this smart door handle! 

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